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about TRailer LImon.......SECrET SERVICE


Hold On Baby Girl
Holla if you feel
IF you feel my soul
What a GOGO
WE got LImon in the area here we go
LIl shortys on da block
Busting shots,believe they own da block
on a manmade clock
Clones in da twilight zone wanna own
Babygirl i feel ya pain
Some of these folks done gone insane
Everybody that got a car dont go so far
More gas do the math you will feel the wrath

Let it GOx3x8

Rollin im swerving,sippin bourbon
Page turning,empire burning
We dem magic birds flying
Get out the way if you trying
Dont trip on the trap
Its a trick in fact ,watch me pull peace out my hat
Now bounce back,You got it like that
Rattlesnake rap in a deserted desert
Sorry no dessert for the deserted
Who got distorted
Try to fit in end up deported

Let it Gox3x8

We got war over here
War over there
We dont believe in fear
To many tears
So many years
You are the creator its clear
Chillin in my cadillac
Space is the Place
Feel the Bassx3
In your face
leave no trace
Get Free
Get Free
In the place

Let it GOx3x8


released February 13, 2014 Trailer LImon.......Lyrics by Sunru



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